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Our favorite red wines under $20!

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Sophie and I, along with two of our gal pals, tested 3 different red wines priced at <$20.  These consisted of two Pinot Noirs and 1 Cabernet.

Pinot # 1: Francis Ford Coppolla Pinot Noir

  • What we saw: brownish in color, fairly translucent
  • What we smelled: floral, high acidity
  • What we tasted: blackberry, currant, cherry
  • What our tongues told us: dry, acidic, tart finish
“More like a Zinfandel in flavor and smell.”
Consensus: Nothing special and probably not worth the price. Would try something else next time.

Cabernet: Louis M. Martini Cabernet Sauvignon

  • What we saw: deep purple in color
  • What we smelled: spice
  • What we tasted: no one could decide…just “spice”
  • What our tongues told us: velvety mouthfeel, silky
“Spicy, but unsure of the spice.”
Consensus: Full-bodied red. Would definitely recommend! This wine can stand on it’s own. It would also be great paired with a rich and creamy blue cheese, or nice steak dinner.
Pinot # 2: Smoking Loon Pinot Noir

  • What we saw: rich, deep purple in color
  • What we smelled: heavy body, fruity
  • What we tasted: tobacco, fruit
  • What our tongues told us: heavy bodied with lots of flavor, easy finish
“Soooo good!  Can I have another glass, please?”
Consensus: Definitely worth another purchase!  Who needs food to pair when you have a bottle this good?  🙂
Smoking Loon was the winner in our book!  Everyone agreed that it was pleasant, very drinkable, and tasted of higher quality (considering it was less than 20 bucks)!
Have a comment on these 3?  Let us know your thoughts?

Have a recommendation of wines under $20 that we should know of?  Leave a comment below!

-xo Zooey


Singing Sam

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Singing Sam

I met Sam at church. He was really attractive-dark hair, bright green eyes, athletic body and a strong, well-defined jawbone (which I love!).

We decided to do brunch. The night before we were supposed to meet, he asked if I wanted to go to church before brunch. For me, church is more of a personal thing, but since we met at mass (and I needed to go anyway) I agreed.

After church he offered to drive to brunch. Assuming that he had picked a place, I’m thinking, Yay! Time for bloody mary’s. Not so fast, we ended up going to The Tortilla Factory. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good margarita and some fajitas, but not at 10 am!

Not only were there no bloody marys, but he had all of the hymns from mass on his iPod and sang. Opera style. at the top of his lungs. all the way too brunch. It was the longest 20 minute car ride of my life!

Sayonara Sam..

Revised criteria

Motivated, passionate, kind, career/full time school, not living with parents, must have car, enjoys cocktails with brunch